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Atom package: Upload to Pastebin in a single keystroke
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Atom Pastebin Plus

Upload a file (or a part of it) to Pastebin in one keystroke.

This project is greatly inspired from atom-pastebin. Since the original author does not seem to be active anymore, this project is a rewrite of this extension with a few differences and new features.

How To

  1. Open a file.
  2. Make a selection (optional).
  3. Press alt-ctrl-P or right-click > Upload to Pastebin.

Note: if no selection is made, the complete file will be uploaded to Pastebin.


  • Upload a file or a selection in a single keystroke.
  • Paste visibility can be changed in the settings.
  • Paste expiration delay can be changed in the settings.
  • Copy link to clipboard.
  • Open in browser.

Improvements over atom-pastebin

  • Ability to upload a selection instead of the whole file.
  • Minimal footprint on Atom startup time (~5ms vs ~100ms).
  • Better error handling.
  • No need to provide a developer key.
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