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LICENSE - A website to discover new GitHub repositories

NOTE: The site is down because of the lack of traffic. I'm still keeping the code here for future reference or for somebody to pickup the project.

How to contribute

I need your help to make a better!


All you need is in the setup folder

Step by Step

  • Install a HTTP server with PHP and MySQL
  • Create a database and import schema.sql in it
  • Fill config.php with the database credentials and move it to src/config.php
  • Set a cron job to execute src/job/updateCache.php every 5 minutes


  • Optimize database transactions in src/lib/RepoCache.php
  • Beautify index.php
  • Repository filtering (number of stars/forks, ...)
  • Your idea!

How does is work?

Each 5 minutes, updateCache.php generates a random alphanumeric string of 2 characters. Then it uses the GitHub Search API to find repositories by using the random string as the query and it stores them (with their readme) in the database. Then, index.php does a request to ajax/random.php to get a list of random repositories from the database and displays their readme to the user. When the database becomes really big, updateCache.php removes a bunch repositories from the database.


I you have any question, create an issue with the question tag.



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