Python pipeline and Javascript scatter plot library for single-cell datasets
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UCSC Single Cell Browser

The UCSC Cell Browser is a viewer for single cell data. You can click on and hover over cells to get meta information, search for genes to color on and click clusters to show cluster-specific marker genes.

To look at a list of selected single cell datasets, see

To setup your own cell browser, from Cellranger, Seurat, Scanpy or text files (tsv/csv), or just a single cell expression matrix, read the documentation at

If you want us to add a single cell dataset to the website, please contact us at We are happy to add any dataset.

This is a viewer for a static, precomputed layout. If you're looking for an interative layout, where you can move the cells around and run algorithsm interactively, try Chan-Zuckerberg's own cellxgene or Spring.

Apart from labs at UCSC, UCSF and Gladstone who host their data at, other groups have setup their own cell browsers:

Funded by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

This is early research software. You are likely to find bugs. Please open a Github ticket or email us at, we can usually fix them quickly.