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A rebar plugin for a Erlang on Xen Build Service

The plugin - ling_builder - adds a few commands to rebar that allow building Xen images using Erlang on Xen Build Service.

To use the plugin add the following dependency to your rebar.config:


In addition a ling_builder_opts section should be present. It must contain the location of the build service and user credentials:


A few more options are recognized by the plugin:


The option imports the specified files into the image so that they are accessible to your application during runtime. Example: {import,"priv/*/*}.


Instructs the build service to import an entire standard Erlang application and make it available during runtime. Example: {import_lib,crypto}.


Selects the build configuration of the LING VM. Possible values are 'default', 'fastest', and 'debug'. The default value is 'fastest'.

Commands added by the plugin

rebar ling-build

Initiate the Xen ELF image build process.

rebar ling-image

Retrieve the generated image.

rebar ling-build-id

Retrieve the LING VM build identifier used for the last build. The identifier should be mentioned when reporting bugs.

rebar ling-build-image

The comand combines the effects of ling-build and ling-image commands. It iniates the build process, waits for completion, and retrieves the image.

rebar ling-build-ec2

Same as ling-build but requests generation of the Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

rebar ling-ec2-image

Retrieve ID of the generated AMI. Note that the generated AMI is hosted on Amazon S3 and is publicly accessible. To generate private AMIs see instructions in the blog post.

rebar ling-build-ec2-image

Combine effects of ling-build-ec2 and ling-ec2-image similarly to ling-build-image.

The plugin uses the public API for the Erlang on Xen Build Service.