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Autocompletion for SASS/SCSS variables and mixins in Brackets
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SASShints (fork by maximmis)

Autocompletion for SASS/SCSS variables and mixins in Brackets. Now with added support for color previews

This is a fork of the original extension by konstantinkobs to add variable and mixin hinting functionality for SASS/SCSS. This fork and the code changes within it have been created by DonChillow, Systaro and Dularion. Color previews via TinyColor.




NOTE: if you start typing @include, the hints will be filtered by those letters (ie 'include'), meaning you might not see some of the mixins that you ought to see. Just type @ followed by your mixins name, and the list will be filtered. For instance, @vendo will find the mixins that include that substring, such as @mixin vendor-property()


Fuzzy search capabilities


How to use

  1. Open a SASS or SCSS file
  2. Write awesome code
  3. Press $ to insert a variable or @ to insert an @include
  4. Get a list of all variables or mixins with their values

How to install

Three possible ways:

  1. Directly from Brackets: File -> Extension Manager -> search for SASS/SCSS Hints
  2. Copy the url of this repository and paste it into File -> Extension Manager -> Install from URL
  3. Download the code and extract it to the Extensions Folder: Help -> Show Extension Folder -> user
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