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Command line app, that gets all the TODO commentaries in one place.

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It's very annoying to look through dozens of files to find TODO commentaries.
TODOer is here to solve that problem.


  1. Collects TODO commentaries in 4 different variants
  2. Saves them into a markdown file, with beautiful markup
  3. Can convert the result to html and save it
  4. Fully async


npm install -g todoer


todoer [-h|--2html] [-o|--output <output>] <input> [input ...]

Input accepts directories and files.
Output can be ommited, then TODOer will save to


A line can:

  • Start with TODO*
  • Contain TODO in an inline commentary
  • Contain TODO in a multiline commentary
  • Contain TODO in a **"HTML-like" commentary

Additional info

  1. The TODO tag can be written as "TODO" or "ToDo"
  2. The TODO tag can be followed by ": " or " "
More info at man todoer
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