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A simple website where Google Voice users can send long messages in small chunks.
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Long SMS

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Goal: provide a simple website where Google Voice users can enter a text message of any length and send it in 160-character chunks.

I wrote this when I discovered that Google Voice doesn't play well with messages over 320 characters (twice the maximum size of a single SMS message). Up to 320 characters, Google Voice automatically splits messages into 160-character chunks and sends them, but if you go beyond that amount, the rest is discarded.

This app seeks to solve that by splitting a submitted message into 160-character chunks before it reaches Google's servers, thus avoiding the character limits Google enforces. In other words, if you need to send a long text message, it will probably be cut off if you send it directly through Google Voice, but this app will divide your message into chunks and send them individually.

Technical details

I wrote this code very quickly, so there is little documentation. But the project's functionality is fairly simple, so hopefully it is self-explanatory. A standard ASP.NET MVC infrastructure is used, and respones are cached and gzip-ed.


See the LICENSE file for license information.

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