Class library to take a string input with tokens and replace with LiteralControls and UserControls
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Class library to take a string input with tokens and replace with LiteralControls and UserControls


  • This utility library allows you to take multiple text strings containg [TOKENS] and replace them with anything that derives from the Control type.
  • Any additional non-token text surrounding your tokens will be converted into a LiteralControl
  • Attributes are also supported for tokens. [BUTTON:Text="Click Me"] will replace the Text property on a button control. Any attribute added that is not a valid property will be added to the controls attribute collection.
  • Token locations are processed only once and are cataloged a preformance benefit on additional replacements.


  • Add this project to your solution or simple copy the TokenControlReplacer.cs class into your project.
  • Initialize the class and assign what begin and ends your tokens
var replacer = new TokenControlReplacer("[", "]");
  • Append one or more text blocks to the class
replacer.Append("I am a block of text with a [BUTTON] token.");
  • Identity the token and what you would like to replace it with.
replacer.Replace("[BUTTON]", new Func<Control>(() =>
    var buttonCtl = new LinkButton();
    buttonCtl.Click += delegate(object o, EventArgs args) { Response.Redirect(""); };
    buttonCtl.Text = "Go to Website";
    return buttonCtl;
  • Another replacement example
replacer.Replace("[BUTTON]", LoadControl("/PathToControl.ascx"));
  • Add the replaced controls to another control. Recommend a PlaceHolder control