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Simple Text Editor for Android

This is very simple text editor that can help you with editing simple text files.

The application is made for fun and supported by its author at his free time. If some of features are missing the reason of it either the author did not have enough time to implement it or nobody helped him to do so.

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This editor can be useful for editing of small texts, write down small notes etc...

The application supports only plain text files.

The code is open so anyone can review code, send pull requests, new features, translations and so on.

Github repo:


Any suggestions, pull requests, translations for this project are welcomed. Thank you!

Issues Tracker

How to compile and run an application

In order to compile the application locally you will need to install Android Studio Follow the documentation of how to open and compile your first android application. Once your setup is done, opening and compiling the existing project should not cause any difficulties.

How to run sniffer

./gradlew lint

How to translate application

You can use this service to add a new translation or suggest better one

To Do

many many things to do.