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Standing Wave 3 is a mature and efficient ActionScript library for producing dynamic audio in Flash. It was developed originally at Noteflight, and is available here under MIT License.

The Developer's Guide is here http://maxl0rd.github.com/standingwave3/dev-guide.html

AsDoc for most of the API is here http://maxl0rd.github.com/standingwave3/asdoc/index.html

How to Compile

SW3 will work in CS4, CS5, Flash Builder, or Flex applications. Your project must target Flash player 10.

Add the /src folder to your source path, and add the file awave.swc to your library path.

In Flash Pro this found in the Publish -> ActionScript settings. In Flash Builder this is found under Project Properties -> Flex Build Path

If you would like to contribute to the C libraries, download Alchemy from Adobe Labs and try out the examples first. Then get in touch.

Other Common Questions

Why is the sound distorted when I layer sources?

You're clipping! Turn down the mixGain on the AudioPerformer.

How do I loop an MP3

See How to use LoopSource