Sqlite gen_server port for Erlang. Creates, reads and writes to sqlite database.
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Erlang wrapper for SQLite3

This library allows you to work with SQLite3 databases from Erlang.

It is compatible with Windows and Linux, and should probably work on other OSes as well.


Erlang/OTP R14B is required, and SQLite 3 minimum version is 3.6.1.



  1. Install SQLite3 by running sudo apt-get install sqlite3 or the equivalent for your package manager, or by compiling from the source.

  2. make.


If you want to use erlang-sqlite3 on an embedded device, it can be cross-compiled.

  1. Cross-compile SQLite3 and Erlang.

  2. Change variables and paths in rebar.cross_compile.config.sample to the desired values and rename it to rebar.cross_compile.config.

  3. make cross_compile.

Windows with MS Visual C++

  1. Download both the source amalgamation and the precompiled binary from http://www.sqlite.org/download.html. Extract files sqlite3.h from the amalgamation and sqlite3.def from the binary. Run this command from Visual Studio command prompt:

    lib /def:sqlite3.def

    to create the import library sqlite3.lib. In rebar.config, set the correct paths in tuples {"win32", "CFLAGS", "/Idirectory/containing/sqlite3.h/ /Ic_src /W4 /wd4100 /wd4204"} and {"win32", "LDFLAGS", "/path/to/sqlite3.lib"}.

  2. nmake.

DLL search path

Note that on Windows, sqlite3.dll usually won't be installed in the system-wide DLL search path. In this case, it should be placed in the working directory of your application.

Running the test suite


make test


  1. nmake tests

  2. If you get the error "Error loading sqlite3_drv: The specified module could not be found", this is because sqlite3.dll isn't in the search path. Copy it to the .eunit directory.

Example usage

See tests test/sqlite3_test.erl for a starting point.