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This is driver for post-relational database Cache, created by Intersystems (
Author: Max Lapshin <>
Home page of the project:
thanks to Ivan Krasin for fixes with building under win32
Currently it supports Object access to Cache and preliminary version of SQL.
To use Cache objects, You must declare proxy class:
class Person < Intersys::Object
By default database connection is established with localhost:1973, user _SYSTEM, password SYS
Database connection is shared among ALL classes. Currently, it is impossible to establish connection
with two databases simultaneously
If You need some other database settings, You must declare it:
class Person < Intersys::Object
database {:user => "_SYSTEM", :password => "SYS", :namespace => "User", :host => "localhost", :port => "1972"}
After initialization You get following methods for Person:
Also, there is very slow
It loads whole hierarchy of classes and loads all methods from all of them. Method
uses this.
You can load proxy interface to Cache object:
@p =
puts @p.intersys_methods
puts @p.title
Naming conventions:
You have no need to declare proxy methods from ruby class to Cache methods.
When method_missing is called on instance of Intersys::Object, name of method
is camelized.
Person.delete_extent is transferred to
1. Property DeleteExtent
2. Method DeleteExtent()
3. Method %DeleteExtent()
Used which of them first is found.