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Time Capsule


The best person to send you links matching your interests is a time traveling version of yourself: create a time capsule by choosing when the current tab should be re-opened; this will bookmark the current tab, and program to re-open it in the future, according to the choosen periodicity, be it an hour, a day, a month, a year, a decade!




If you use a different browser that implements WebExtension, that shouldn't be hard to make it work for you too: make a request in the issues or on mastodon to let me know, and I will see if that's possible.


This is a reboot of the awesome, but out-dated, Browse Periodically (repo):

Browse sites you want to check periodically (every hour, day, week, month and so on). You can also use for reminding pages, for example, by browsing every month.

I started working on it before Firefox was up to speed with WebExtension so had to let it sleep for a moment. Meanwhile, a team started working on SnoozeTabs, it's quite similar, but TimeCapsule offers a few more things:

  • re-open tabs periodically (rather than just one time)
  • more flexibility to set the periodicity
  • more time-traveling jokes

Development Setup

git clone
cd time-capsule