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Filter and format a newline-delimited JSON stream of Wikibase entities.

Typically useful to create a formatted subset of a Wikibase JSON dump.

Some context: This tool was formerly known as wikidata-filter. Wikidata is an instance of Wikibase. This tool was primarly designed with Wikidata in mind, but should be usable for any Wikibase instance.

This project received a Wikimedia Project Grant.

wikibase           wikidata

License Node JavaScript Style Guide




this tool requires to have NodeJs installed.

# Install globally
npm install -g wikibase-dump-filter
# Or install just to be used in the scripts of the current project
npm install wikibase-dump-filter


See for version info

Download dump

Wikidata dumps

Wikidata provides a bunch of database dumps, among which the desired JSON dump. As a Wikidata dump is a very laaarge file (April 2020: 75GB compressed), it is recommended to download that file first before doing operations on it, so that if anything crashes, you don't have to start the download from zero (the download time being usually the bottleneck).

wget -C
cat latest-all.json.gz | gzip -d | wikibase-dump-filter --claim P31:Q5 > humans.ndjson

Your own Wikibase instance dump

You can generate a JSON dump using the script dumpJson.php. If you are running Wikibase with wikibase-docker, you could use the following command:

cd wikibase-docker
docker-compose exec wikibase /bin/sh -c "php ./extensions/Wikibase/repo/maintenance/dumpJson.php --log /dev/null" > dump.json
cat dump.json | wikibase-dump-filter --claim P1:Q1 > entities_with_claim_P1_Q1.ndjson


This package can both be used as a command-line tool (CLI) and as a NodeJS module. Those 2 uses have there own documentation page but the options stay the same, and are documented in the CLI section


We are developing and maintaining tools to work with Wikidata from NodeJS, the browser, or simply the command line, with quality and ease of use at heart. Any donation will be interpreted as a "please keep going, your work is very much needed and awesome. PS: love". Donate

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