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A beverage dispenser controlled by ESP32 and Android Phone
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FirebaseWebhook Add all dependencies Apr 10, 2019

Cocktail/Beverage Vending Machine

With Thai standard QR Payment system

This project is for Embedded System Software Class, IC KMITL, 2018. Full report can be found in Document directory. Build based on first version that was implemented with @warakornjet


Project outcomes

A working Beverage Vending Machine

  • Controlled by Bluetooth.
  • The machine can dispense each beverage individually.
  • The machine can dispense liquid by volume precisely.

Simple and Easy user experience

  • HMI with touchscreen via Android Device
  • Simple and straightforward GUI
  • Pay via QR Code (Thailand Standard)

Parts and components

  • ESP32
  • L298N Motor Driver
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Power supply, 3.3v Regulator
  • Android Phone
  • CNC cutted 2mm acrylic body and 3D-printed nozzle.



Tech stack

  • Android App: Kotlin
  • Custom backend API & Webhook: Firebase functions
  • Database & Transaction records: Firebase Realtime Database
  • Payment gateway: GB Prime Pay

Final Product


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