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Use phpDocumentor2 instead of ApiGen

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horgh committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent af9d9c7 commit 23d182f97ac7a60fa0650b2f36903d217cf18e29
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@@ -76,21 +76,21 @@ if [ -n "$(git status --porcelain)" ]; then
exit 1

# We no longer have apigen as a dependency in Composer as it pulls in old
# versions of other libraries, breaking PHP 7.2.
# Note that the Phar is no longer being updated. We will likely need to go
# back to a Composer dep or use another generator at some point in the
# future.
wget -O apigen.phar ""

php apigen.phar generate \
-s ../src \
-s ../../MaxMind-DB-Reader-php/src \
-d "doc/$tag" \
# Using Composer is possible, but they don't recommend it.
wget -O phpDocumentor.phar

# Use cache dir in /tmp as otherwise cache files get into the output directory.
rm -rf "$cachedir"

php phpDocumentor.phar \
-d src,../MaxMind-DB-Reader-php/src \
--visibility public \
--cache-folder "$cachedir" \
--title "GeoIP2 PHP API $tag" \
-t "doc/$tag"

rm -rf "$cachedir"
cat <<EOF > $page

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