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MaxMind minFraud ASP API


See Example.asp for complete example how to use this API. This script can be run from the shell or from IIS.

API Documentation

set ccfs = new CreditCardFraudDetection

This creates a new CreditCardFraudDetection object. set is required since it is an object


If isSecure is set to 0 then it uses regular HTTP. If isSecure is set to 1 then it uses Secure HTTPS.


Takes a dictionary object and uses it as input for the server. See for details on input fields.


Queries the server with the fields passed to the input method and stores the output.

set dictionary = ccfs.output()

Returns the output from the server as a dictionary object. set is required since it is an object. See for details on output fields.

Secure HTTPS

This script uses Microsoft's Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP which has full support for SSL. SSL is enabled by default. You may disable it by setting:

ccfs.isSecure = 0

where ccfs is the CreditCardFraudDetection object.

Error Handling

Errors will be placed into a string value in the output dictionary object which can then be checked before processing the returned data.


    Dim ret
    Set ret = ccfs.output()
    if(ret.Item("err") <> "") then
        'handle error here
        'Process data
    end if

A quick way to test the error handler is to modify the host list (Unable to find host), web-service URO (404 file not found or Invalid data returned), or set the timeout (Connection timed out) to a very low value (i.e. 0.01 seconds).

Copyright (c) 2004, Raging Creations Ltd.. Original PHP Code Copyright (c) 2004, MaxMind, Inc.

Converted by: Shaun Hawkes (, August 15, 2004.

All rights reserved. This package is licensed under the GPL. For details see the LICENSE file.