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GeoIP Legacy C# API
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GeoIP Legacy .NET API

Important Note

This API is for the GeoIP Legacy format (dat). To read the MaxMind DB format (mmdb) used by GeoIP2, please see our GeoIP2 .NET API.

Thread Safety

As of version 1.14 this API is thread safe.

Instructions for Mono

To compile the examples:

Country: gmcs examples/countryExample.cs src/*.cs

City: gmcs examples/cityExample.cs src/*.cs

Country v6: gmcs examples/countryV6Example.cs src/*.cs

City v6: gmcs examples/cityV6Example.cs src/*.cs

Region: gmcs examples/regionExample.cs src/*.cs

Organization: gmcs examples/orgExample.cs src/*.cs

Domain: gmcs examples/domainExample.cs src/*.cs

Netspeed cell: gmcs examples/netspeedCellExample.cs src/*.cs

To run the examples:

Country: mono countryExample.exe

City: mono cityExample.exe

Organization: mono orgExample.exe

Domain: mono domainExample.exe

ASN: mono asnExample.exe

Country v6: mono countryV6Example.exe

City: mono cityV6Example.exe ::

ASN v6: mono asnV6Example.exe

Memory Caching

There are two options available:

  • GEOIP_STANDARD - Read database from filesystem. Uses least memory.
  • GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE - load database into memory, faster performance but uses more memory

Copyright 2013 MaxMind, Inc.

Licensed under the LGPL

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