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GeoIPEx 1.2
Copyright 2012 MaxMind, Inc.
GeoIPEx is a COM object wrapper around the Maxmind GeoIP Legacy library. It
returns data from the City, ISP and Organization databases. The only added
functionality is recognition of non-routed IP addresses, for which "dummy"
data are returned (and no DB lookup is done). See "Special addresses" below.
The wrapper code was written in Visual C++ using the wizards etc. in Visual
Studio 6 (SP5) The C code of the GeoIP Legacy library (GeoIp.c, GeoIPCity.c)
remains almost unchanged, except for some #ifdef's in GeoIPCity.c to enable it
to be built in Visual Studio. (Commented to indicate where.) To minimize
modifications to the library code, while avoiding a fixed DB location, the
GeoIP_open_type() routine is not used. GeoIP_open() is used instead. This
leads to a slight maintenance issue; the names of the three DB files are
duplicated in GeoIPEx.cpp.
Source File list
GeoIPComEx.dsw VS workspace file; open this to load project etc.
GeoIPComEx.dsp VS project file
GeoIPComEx.cpp standard Com-object interface file, created by VS; registration code etc
GeoIPComEx.idl -"-; interface specification
GeoIPComEx.h -"-
GeoIPComEx.tlb -"-
GeoIPComEx._i.c -"-
StdAfx.h -"-; precompiled hdrs src
StdAfx.cpp -"-; precompiled hdrs src
GeoIpEx.rgs -"-
GeoIPComEx.rc -"-; resource file stuff, registration and version use
Resource.h -"-; resource file stuff, registration and version use
GeoIPComEx.def -"-; resource file stuff, registration and version use
basetsd.h -"-
GeoIPEx.h declaration of CGeoIpEx c++ class
GeoIPEx.cpp implementation of CGeoIpEx c++ class
libgeoip\GeoIP.h header for Maxmind c library, std functions
libgeoip\GeoIP.c Maxmind c library, std functions
libgeoip\GeoIPCity.h Maxmind c library header, city & isp/organization functions
libgeoip\GeoIPCity.c Maxmind c library code, city & isp/organization functions
GeoIpEx routines
CGeoIPEx::set_db_path(BSTR newVal, VARIANT_BOOL *present)
Method; must be called before any other method or property is used
Sets all the suports_* properties.
Note that the booleans returned by methods
newVal should be a DIRECTORY not the full path to the
database. The COM object will look for the files
using the directory plus the standard name for the
database as given at the end of this document.
CGeoIPEx::find_by_name(BSTR ip_address, VARIANT_BOOL *found)
Method to find info by DNS name; calls find_ip()
Sets property fields
CGeoIPEx::find_by_addr(BSTR ip_address, VARIANT_BOOL *found)
Method to find info by ip address (dotted quad string); calls find_ip()
CGeoIPEx::get_country_code(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_country_code3(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_country_name(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_region(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_city(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_postal_code(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_latitude(double *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_longitude(double *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_dma_code(long *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_area_code(long *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_ISP(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_organization(BSTR *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_error_msg(BSTR *pVal)
Data property reader methods; All return the value from the field with the same name.
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_country_code(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_country_name(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_city(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_country_code3(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_area_code(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_region(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_dma_code(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_postal_code(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_position(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
Property reader methods; All return true if city DB was loaded.
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_ISP(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
Property getter method; Return true if ISP DB was loaded.
CGeoIPEx::get_supports_organization(VARIANT_BOOL *pVal)
Property getter method; Return true if org DB was loaded.
CGeoIPEx::find_ip(LPCSTR addr, bool byname)
Private method to fetch property values from the databases.
Private metod to clear DB pointers.
After opening the project in VS, select Build->Set Active Configuration,
choose ("Debug" or "Release MinSize") and select Build->Build GeoIpComEx.dll.
If you wish to use other configurations, note that precompiled headers are
turned off for the C files, and wsock32.dll is linked to (for dns lookups).
Object interface
bool set_db_path(string path) (must be set before any other operations, true if all dbs found)
bool find_by_addr(string ipvalue) (return true if address found, sets all properties)
bool find_by_name(string dns_name) (-"-)
Properties: (string type unless otherwise noted)
country_code (2 chars; "LN" if non-routed addr, "LH" if localhost)
country_code3 (3 chars)
country_name ("Local Area Network" if non-routed addr,"Localhost" if localhost)
region (2 chars, state abbrev for US/Canada, FIPS 10-4 region code for others)
postal_code (max 6 chars, US and Canada only)
latitude (real number)
longitude (real number)
dma_code (integer)
area_code (integer)
supports_country_code (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_country_code3 (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_country_name (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_city (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_region (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_postal_code (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_position (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_area_code (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_dma_code (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_organization (bool, true if db file exists)
supports_isp (bool, true if db file exists)
error_msg (for debugging, set on unexpected failures)
Special addresses
If one of the non-routed ip addresses
172.16.*.* ... 172.31.*.*
are given as input to find_by_addr(),
country_code is set to "LN"
country_name to "Local Area Network" and
all other fields are cleared.
If ip addresses of the form 127.*.*.* (localhost)
are given as input to find_by_addr(),
country_code is set to "LH",
country_name to "Localhost" and
all other fields are cleared.
Database Paths
Install the databases in the directory set by set_db_path
The names of the files should be the ones listed below.
/path/GeoIP.dat (country)
/path/GeoIPRegion.dat (region)
/path/GeoIPCity.dat (City)
/path/GeoIPISP.dat (ISP)
/path/GeoIPOrg.dat (Organization)