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@maxogden maxogden released this Nov 6, 2017

fixes a halting bug due to missing virtio-rnd in xhyve/hyperkit. thanks @jimpick. also bundles dat-container so you can boot containers without having to install anything else.

to test:

# install linux on mac
npm i linux -g
linux init
sudo linux boot
linux ssh

# in hyperos, boot ubuntu
dat-container -k 64142950c48086928090f1e319f9a7b40faa79219c0a14a89c0671cfdcaf1b01 -i debian-jessie-with-node.img -d my-container -b

# ubuntu user:pass is root:root
# to exit ubuntu: CTRL+]]] 3x quickly
# the 2nd time you run the above dat-container cmd it should be much faster
# when done do: sudo linux kill
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