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simple soca (couchapp) for managing tasks

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action is a soca application that does simple management of tasks. It can also serve as a demo app for using Sammy/soca/couchapp/CouchDB.


Installation/Getting it Running

Super easy. First, get yourself a Couch:

Next, clone or fork action:

git clone git://

Then edit your DB URL in your .couchapprc

cd action
open .couchapprc

You should make the "default" URL map to your couch including your username and password. By default, CouchDB is in admin party mode (meaning you dont need a user/pass and every one is an admin) so you can just get rid of the 'admin:admin' in the default URL or add an admin/admin user to your CouchDB instance.

Then, its easy-peasy:

soca push
soca open 

And it should open in your browser. If it doesn't, try running

soca push --debug 

And hopefully it will spit out some errors.

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