a dat archiving server that you can push data to
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Dat Archiver

Server for archiving files via Dat. Upload files with dat-push.

Runs a peer network server and archives files using hypercore-archiver.


npm install -g dat-archiver


On a server run:

dat-archiver my-backup-server --dir=archive_directory

Creates a dat-archiver server with name, with the server key my-backup-server. If key is not set, a 16 digit string will be generated. Dats files are saved to the current directory or --dir option.

On your local computer with Dat files:

dat-push my-backup-server --dir=directory_to_backup

This will push the files to your server over peer to peer networks.


var archiver = Archiver(opts)

Create an archiver, options include:

  dir: 'dats' // directory to store hypercore archives


Create a new peer-network server with name, serverKey. serverKey can be any string. It will be used to tell where dat-push should connect to.


archiver.on('connection', serverKey)

New connection on serverKey

archiver.on('key received', archiveKey)

Key received from dat-push. Emitted immediately before getArchive(key) is called.

archiver.on('replication started', archiveKey)

Archive replication starting for archiveKey.

archiver.on('replication ended', archiveKey)

Archive replication ended for archiveKey. Note: this could be a successful replication, or the client may have disconnected.