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A dataset collaboration network built on top of CouchDB. Developed as a free software @codeforamerica project for the City of Boston by @maxogden

Very much a work in progress as of Spring 2012!


  • Free public dataset hosting
  • Dataset forking
  • JSON and CSV data import and export
  • Bulk data cleanup interface based on Google Refine
  • Automatic REST JSON API powered by CouchDB
  • Real-time dataset replication and changes feed (SLEEP/
  • Geospatial queries
  • Data-driven HTML5 application hosting
  • Out of the box app visualizations + templates
  • In-browser application source editor
  • Geographic point reprojection (between any EPSG definitions)

Roadmap (fork and help out please!)

  • Data catalog functionality (search, categories)
  • UI for rolling back through different dataset revisions
  • Dataset pull requests and merging interface
  • XML, XLS and other import/export options
  • Etherpad/Google docs style collaborative wiki
  • Additional bulk data editing helper functions
  • Integration with BuzzData/CKAN/Infochimps (by convincing them to make better APIs)


NOTE: find me in IRC on freenode/#couchdb if you get confused

This will walk you through getting datacouch running on your local machine.

Requirements: node.js >= 0.6 and CouchDB >= 1.1

Install node.js v0.6.11 and npm

// install node
git clone git://
cd node/
git checkout v0.6.11
./configure && make && sudo make install
// then install npm
curl | sh

Simply build couchdb or do brew install couchdb. Once the install is successful, start your server and visit the Futon to make sure it worked.

Create a couchdb admin user via the futon admin / logout area in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can't run datacouch in admin party.

You need to go create a twitter app in order to use datacouch (it uses Twitter for login). NOTE: If you create a new app and leave the callback url blank then datacouch will fail to authenticate. Twitter will respond with a 401 of "Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value 'oob'". Just enter "" as your callback url.

Once your app is complete copy the consumer secret, key and couch url (with admin credentials) into your environment via .bashrc/.bash_profile:

export DATACOUCH_NONADMIN_ROOT="http://localhost:5984"
export DATACOUCH_ROOT="http://admin:pass@localhost:5984"

Once you save your environment variables either: close your terminal or run source .bashrc or source .bash_profile to load your environment changes.

Now you can start datacouch!

node run.js
open http://localhost:9999

If you get errors the first time you run run.js just run it a few times and it should work itself out hehehehe!

In case you get the "Error: listen EACCESS", you should either execute node run.js as root, or modifiy the default port in the file services/defaults.js (9999 works well)

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