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Zip extraction written in pure JavaScript. Extracts a zip into a directory.
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Unzip written in pure JavaScript. Extracts a zip into a directory. Available as a library or a command line program.

Uses the yauzl ZIP parser.

NPM js-standard-style Build Status


Get the library:

npm install extract-zip --save

Install the command line program:

npm install extract-zip -g


var extract = require('extract-zip')
extract(source, {dir: target}, function (err) {
 // extraction is complete. make sure to handle the err


  • dir - defaults to process.cwd()
  • defaultDirMode - integer - Directory Mode (permissions) will default to 493 (octal 0755 in integer)
  • defaultFileMode - integer - File Mode (permissions) will default to 420 (octal 0644 in integer)
  • onEntry - function - if present, will be called with (entry, zipfile), entry is every entry from the zip file forwarded from the entry event from yauzl. zipfile is the yauzl instance

Default modes are only used if no permissions are set in the zip file.

CLI Usage

extract-zip <targetDirectory>

If not specified, targetDirectory will default to process.cwd().

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