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replicate or make a backup of a hyperleveldb, taking advantage of the liveBackup function
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High level API for replicating a hyperleveldb, taking advantage of the .liveBackup function provided by hyperleveldb.

Unfortunately .liveBackup does not exist in stock google leveldb.

.liveBackup creates a consistent snapshot of a running hyperleveldb instance. the files are hardlinks where possible to the originals. this module implements methods for streaming the contents of a leveldb folder as a .tar.gz stream and unpacking them on the other end, for doing replication or backups of hyperleveldb instances.

var hlc = require('hyperlevel-backup')


hlb(hyper, opts, httpResponse)

function for mounting this module in an http API. creates a snapshot of a hyperleveldb instance, and then streams a tar.gz of the files to the httpResponse

opts must have at least these keys:

  hyper: hyperleveldbInstance,
  dir: pathToHyperleveldbFolder

and can optionally also have:

  onCleanup: function() {}, // gets called when the snapshot gets removed after replication
  backupName: string/int, // used to name the backup folder, default is a timestamp
  cleanup: boolean // default true, if false snapshot won't be removed after replication



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