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SRC_DIR = src
BUILD_DIR = build
JS_FILES = ${SRC_DIR}/jfeed.js\
WE = ${BUILD_DIR}/dist/jquery.jfeed.js
WE_PACK = ${BUILD_DIR}/dist/jquery.jfeed.pack.js
WE_ARCH = ../jquery.jfeed.tar.gz
MERGE = sed -s -e '1 s/^\xEF\xBB\xBF//' ${JS_FILES} > ${WE}
PACKER = perl -I${BUILD_DIR}/packer ${BUILD_DIR}/packer/ -i ${WE} -o ${WE_PACK} -e62
all: archive
@@echo "Building" ${WE}
@@echo " - Merging files"
@@echo ${WE} "Built"
pack: jfeed
@@echo "Building" ${WE_PACK}
@@echo " - Compressing using Packer"
@@echo ${WE_PACK} "Built"
archive: pack
@@echo "Building" ${WE_ARCH}
@@echo " - Creating archive"
@@tar -C .. -czf ${WE_ARCH} --exclude '.git' jFeed
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