phonegap app that uses jquery-mobile and google maps v3
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Mobile Mapper!

This is a highly repurposable jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap app that lets you take photos and upload them into Couch and then explore them on a map. Much of the UI is based on OpenElm by Andrew Gleave of Red Robot Studios. Hire him!


To install PhoneGap and mobile-mapper:

  1. Download and install XCode4 with the iOS (this takes a while... sorry)
  2. Build and install the latest PhoneGap (v0.9.6 at the time of this writing) - instructions here
  3. Make a new PhoneGap project in XCode. Hit "Build and Run" and make sure it launches the iOS Simulator. It will complain about some missing files.
  4. Replace all the files in the www folder in the new project folder with the contents of www from this repository.
  5. Drag and drop the two files inside Plugins from Finder onto the Plugins folder inside your project in the XCode file browser pane.
  6. Ensure your new project's PhoneGap.plist matches the one in this repo (hint: You will probably have to add the CouchDBAttachmentUploader and MapKitView properties).
  7. Add the MapKit framework from the 'Link Binary With Libraries' section