player editable scriping UI for first person voxel editing
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write javascript functions that execute when you click on a voxel

npm install voxel-script-gun


var scriptGun = require('voxel-script-gun')
scriptGun(game, {container: document.querySelector('#editor')})

when you make a script gun it will create a javascript editor. each time the code inside the editor changes it will be used as the body of a function that will get called each time the player click on a voxel and will get passed in a position variable that is the x, y, and z game coordinates of the location that the player clicked on in the game.


options can be:

  container: HTMLElement that an editor will get appended to,
  functionBody: string to use as the initial contents of the editor

scriptGun.on('change', function(functionBody) {})

this gets called whenever the editor contents change. functionBody is the contents of the editor

scriptGun.on('error', function(err) {})

this gets called whenever the contents fail to eval into valid javascript

Get it running on your machine

The first time you set up, you should install the required npm packages:

cd voxel-script-gun
npm install
npm install browserify -g

Then run the start script (which you'll need to do every time you want to run the demo):

npm start

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080 and have fun!

If you get stuck then look at the readme for voxel-hello-world