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multiplayer server for [voxel-engine](
-This is a fork of Max Ogden's voxel-server. Install this version, and then run [voxel-hello-client]( to test.
+Use with [voxel-client](
-voxel-hello-client is a version of voxel-hello-world that uses [my version of his voxel-client]( to communicate with voxel-server.
+**not done: work in progress**
-**not complete: work in progress**
-# Get it running on your machine
+## Get it running on your machine
npm install
-If you run into the following error: Unexpected "\u0000" at position 0 error:
-Use the duplex-emitter included in voxel-client.
-TODO: create a fork of duplex-emitter to avoid including the node_modules.
-Refer to
Run the start script:

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