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Fixed demo referencing itself improperly #7

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nice try slippin the semicolons in there :P merging it anyway

@maxogden maxogden merged commit 26a896b into maxogden:master
@maxogden maxogden added a commit that referenced this pull request
@maxogden make demo use a relative require from #7 165862a
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Commits on Feb 25, 2014
  1. Fixed demo referencing itself improperly

    Brian Gates committed
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  1. +6 −6 demo.js
12 demo.js
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
-var workerstream = require('workerstream')
+var workerstream = require('./index');
-var worker = workerstream('demo-worker.js')
+var worker = workerstream('demo-worker.js');
worker.on('data', function(data) {
- console.log(new Uint8Array(data))
+ console.log(new Uint8Array(data));
var ab = new ArrayBuffer( 10 );
-worker.write( ab )
+worker.write( ab );
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