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This is a work in progress to improve upon the IS4C code base.  Until some major milestones have been met, this will stay in an alpha stage and marked as V0.1.

TODO server:
Rewrite Fannie interface with GPLed code, and with reports and management that doesn't error out all over the place.
Allow members to have a 0% discount.

TODO lane:
Have an optional second price for members only.

All sorts of interface bugs exist on the fannie interface.  There's too many to even bother going through and listing.

It is important to not try to install a lane and a server on the same machine.  It won't work and will likely leave things in a sorry state to do either.
Installation scripts that work on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic are included in the base directory.  It is recommended that you run these on pristine install with all updates applied.
To install the server, go into the directory that you saved the files in and run ./get-server.sh
To install a lane, go into the directory that you saved the files in and run ./get-lane.sh

In the meantime, more detailed instructions can be found at http://www.wedge.coop/is4c/