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💻 my dotfiles (Ubuntu&MacOS)
Vim script Shell
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This setup is intended for:

  • 🐧 Ubuntu
  • 🐧 Unix Server (CLI/Bash only)
  • 🍎 MacOS

Special thanks to whoever I stole it from 😘

Dotfiles installation

# Ubuntu / MacOS:
git clone --recursive
cd dotfiles && bin/install

# Unix server:
cd dotfiles && bin/install_server



Command Line Apps

  • Zsh
  • Oh My Zsh: A framework to manage Zsh configuration
  • Hub: a wrapper for Git command (Git+Hub=GitHub)
  • thefuck: corrects the previous console command
  • lighthouse (CLI): (require NPM) Auditing, performance metrics, and best practices for Progressive Web Apps
  • vtop (require NPM)
  • curl
  • Tree

Browser - Brave (main)

Extensions list for Google Chrome (and Canary):

Dev plugins:

Browser - Firefox (second)

Extensions list for Firefox:

  • Pocket (Save to Pocket): best read it later I found ❤️ (added by default)
  • Momentum: every day a new magnificent picture
  • Grammarly: flags mistakes, typos...
  • uBlock Origin: can't live without addblocker
  • Wappalyzer: detect technologies behind a website
  • LastPass: My Password Manager

Dev plugins:

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