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Symfony Rest Beer Edition (Work in progress)

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Welcome to the Symfony Rest Beer Edition!

Features in this application:

  • Specific HTTP Status Codes (204, 206, 400, 404...), HTTP Verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE/OPTIONS)
  • Routes with subresources, collection filters...
  • Fully swagger documentation (visit /api/doc)
  • Symfony's Form component support
  • Routes pluralization (beer -> beers & brewery -> breweries).
    See class ApiBundle\Util\Inflector\BreweryInflector.
  • Serialization exclusion strategies
  • HATEOAS with exclusions policies - use Hypertext Application Language (HAL)
  • Support JSON/XML format


  1. Update parameters.yml (create a new secret key)

  2. Execute this commands

    composer install
    php app/console doctrine:database:create  
    php app/console doctrine:schema:create  
    php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load -n
  3. Check configuration by executing php app/check.php

  4. Test composer test

What's inside?

  • All Symfony default bundles (FrameworkBundle, DoctrineBundle, TwigBundle, MonologBundle...)
  • JMSSerializerBundle - Easily serialize, and deserialize data of any complexity (supports XML, JSON, YAML)
  • FOSRestBundle provides several tools to assist in building REST applications
  • BazingaHateoasBundle provide HATEOAS
  • NelmioApiDocBundle provide a nice documentation for API (inspired by Swagger UI project)
  • NelmioCorsBundle adds CORS headers support in your Symfony2 application
  • DoctrineFixturesBundle provide breweries and beers (see Maxpou\BeerBundle\DataFixtures\ORM\LoadBeersData.php)

And in /src :

  • ApiBundle : contain API controllers
  • MaxpouBeerBundle : contains entities, forms, fixtures and back office controllers
  • AppBundle : Back office controllers... not very important!

Back-office views use Bootstrap (CDN Host)


We have only 2 entities: Brewery and Beer (Many-To-One relationship).

Code First approach:
I use Code First approach (by opposition to Database/Model First). It's mean that I start by writing classes not model/SQL DDL orders. Otherwise it's hard to maintain (I know, doctrine is reverse engineering compliant).

Prefer UUID instead of auto increment because, it's make harder to discover existing resources (for malignant users). Also, it's might not be unique in distributed systems.


REST misconfiguration:

  • POST /whatever-collection... -> must return HTTP header: Location:
  • GET /whatever on array objects, Only put URI
  • GET /whatever-collection -> must return HTTP code 206 (Partial content) and add links into Link HTTP headers (e.g. fist, prev, next and last page)


  • Make controllers more thins! (use ParamConverter, avoid doctrine researches in controllers)
  • Implement PATCH HTTP method
  • Exclusion strategy: allow HTTP header Prefer/Vary (Request) and Vary/Preference-Applied (Response). Because clients don't need the same information
  • Allow sort collection
  • Add a /serve API to implement HTTP Rate limitation.
    HTTP Headers:
    • X-RateLimit-Limit: Total number of beer allow to drink ;)
    • X-RateLimit-Remaining: Beer left
    • X-RateLimit-Reset: remaining window before rate limit resets (UTC epoch seconds)


🍻 A Symfony application with a REST API








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