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maxritter committed Oct 15, 2017
1 parent 2797864 commit 7bee8f20cdbe68bc1400a9dcae0f92048616468a
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*** Changelog DIY-Thermocam Firmware ***
2.44 (15.10.2017)
-Fixed a bug with Lepton2 and Calibration
2.43 (12.09.2017)
-Updated toolchain to newest version
2.42 (14.07.2017)
-Improved manual temp. limits accuracy on reboot
-Added temperature mode display to live screen
2.41 (07.07.2017)
-Added horizontal flipping to the display rotation menu
2.40 (04.06.2017)
-Fixed a bug when clearing EEPROM
-Updated toolchain to newest version
2.39 (22.02.2017)
-Added support for radiometric Lepton (Lepton2.5)
2.38 (06.02.2017)
-Added save frame to USB serial protocol
2.37 (01.02.2017)
-Updated toolchain
-Disabled auto FFC in manual limits, locked and isotherm mode
2.36 (09.01.2017)
-Small changes
2.35 (25.12.2016)
-Preparation for DIY-Thermocam V2 release
-Extended serial protocol
-Battery calibration in settings
2.34 (20.12.2016)
-Update ARM Toolchain to gcc 5.4 (previous was gcc 4.8)
2.33 (18.2016)
-Added HQ Resolution toggle for DIY-Thermocam V2
2.32 (15.12.2016)
-Some improvements and bugfixes
2.31 (11.12.2016)
-Extended serial protocol
-Bugfixes and improvements
2.30 (29.11.2016)
-Added support for the DIY-Thermocam V2
-Improved video capture speed
-Extended serial protocol
-Load menu is now divided into load images / videos
-Bugfixes and improvements
2.20 (29.10.2016)
-Improved Lepton3 SPI protocol
2.19 (24.10.2016)
-Fixed artifact bug when saving visual image
-Added play/pause function to load video
-Small changes and bugfixes
2.18 (04.10.2016)
-Fixed a bug with display rotation not applied
-Other small bugfixes
2.17 (26.09.2016)
-Added increase / decrease to align combined menu
-Fixed an issue with wrong colors/lines on startup
-Small changes
2.16 (25.09.2016)
-Small bugfixes and changes
2.15 (16.09.2016)
-Small bugfixes and changes
-Replaced USB file transfer icon
2.14 (14.09.2016)
-Fixed wrong pixels in combined mode
-Load menu touch improvements
-Added preview image for video capture
-Small UI improvements
2.13 (13.09.2016)
-Improved align combined menu, now moves visual image
-Option to change alpha transparency in combined mode
2.12 (11.09.2016)
-Added save visual image function for the thermal live viewer
-Small USB serial protocol changes
2.11 (09.09.2016)
-Button to refresh screen in align combined menu
-Faster access in change mode, temperature points & hot/cold mode
2.10 (08.09.2016)
-Improved align combined menu
-Store three differemt presets for combined alignment
-Store three different presets for temperature limits
-Improved video capture speed
-Improved video conversion speed
-Get hottest/coldest position over USB serial
-Replaced three icons
-Improved colors and menus
-Spot sensor got a faster reaction time
-Some bugfixes
2.01 (01.09.2016)
-Replaced two icons
-Improved hot/cold menu and added to main menu (thermal only)
-Added switch for manual/auto/locked by long touch press
-Fixed a bug with hottest/coldest point display
2.00 (31.08.2016)
-New unified main menu with graphical icons
-New adjust combined menu
-Visual / combined images can be displayed
-New screen timeout menu
-Show minimum and maximum temperature on screen
-Ability to change text color
-Some bugfixes
1.25 (15.08.2016)
-New boot screen
-Various bugfixes
1.24 (27.07.2016)
-Improved first start setup
-Extended USB protocol
1.23 (09.07.2016)
-Changed and extended USB protocol
-Improved compensation algorithm
-Some bugfixes
1.22 (04.07.2016)
-Removed flickering effect in live mode
-Simplified communication protocol and added new functions
-Calibration slope is now stored in EEPROM
-Fixed a bug with the load image menu
1.21 (02.07.2016)
-Improved filtering speed and added choice between two filter types (Box & Gaussian)
-Ability to transmit the visual image over serial
-Improved calibration algorithm with compensation by spot temperature
-Fixed a bug, where the ranges and temperatures points are not calculated correctly
-Some bugfixes
1.20 (25.06.2016)
-Fixed a bug where the spot temp was calculated too high
-Added more protocols to the serial connection
1.19 (14.06.2016)
-Added time-sync for thermal viewer
-Code optimizations
-Fixed some bugs
1.18 (02.06.2016)
-Added Combined mode and Visual mode
-Fixed a bug with self-diagnostic display checks
-Improved calibration algorithm
1.17 (16.04.2016)
-Added self-diagnostic HW checks
-Small bugfixes
1.16 (08.04.2016)
-Added adjust camera menu
1.15 (31.03.2016)
-Option to rotate the display
-Improved thermal viewer capabilities
-Various bugfixes
1.14 (30.03.2016)
-Improved thermal viewer capabilities
-Better support for Lepton3
1.13 (18.03.2016)
-Improved fault detection on first startup
-Small bugfixes
1.12 (10.03.2016)
-Improved Hottest & Coldest mode
1.11 (08.03.2016)
-Small changes & bugfixes
1.10 (03.03.2016)
-Added 13 new color schemes
-Added set points option
-Improved auto-calibration (added warmup time)
-Added limits locked function (touch screen long)
-Added display options to live menu
-Improved video & interval capture
-Various bugfixes
1.06 (22.02.2016)
-Improved calibration algorithm
-Some bugfixes
1.05 (31.01.2016)
-Improved touch screen usability
-Various bugfixes
1.04 (18.01.2016)
-Important bugfix for Batch #1 units that fixes Calibration and Mass Storage Mode
1.03 (17.01.2016)
-Full support for the Lepton3 sensor
-Added a bug with fahrenheit temp. format in calibration mode
-Improved battery level display
-Some bugfixes
1.02 (30.12.2015)
-Added quick calibration on startup
-Some bugfixes
1.01 (24.12.2015)
-Improved touch screen responsibility
-Implemented hardware checks
-Various bugfixes
1.00 (19.12.2015):
-Initial release
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