Make Data Analysis simple : query abstraction on top of cascalog and SQL
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A non-intrusive solution to query data of any kind :

  • Plain file in any format ( excel , pdf, xml ).
  • Relational DB
  • Other storage

The pipe processing is performed directly from the source. On contrary conventional DataWarehouse solution first extracts all data in big central repository (ETL stage).

The goal is to produce analytics starting with the support of aggregation operation likewise the SQL's group by. Is there a need for a new query language ? No, just simple datastructure à la datalog is enough.



The data source can be in various format but data source need a unified definition. The definition of source is split into 2 parts :

  • storage : how access the data for example file-system information (path , format) , db host and more specific storage infos
  • schema : inspired from Kimball's star-schema, it uses the notions of dimension and measure
{:dimension [:type :region :country],
 :key [:acct],
 :measure [:balance :commission],
 :fields [:acct :type :region :country :balance :commission],
 ({:region "Europe",
   :type "B",
   :country "Germany",
   :acct "A1",
   :balance 203,
   :commission 8.97}


A query is a plain map which at the execution expands to a cascalog query , SQL or other API.

{ :aggregate #{:type} :filter {:region "Europe"} :source s}


As the schema and query language is independent of the storage, adding new type of storage should be easy.

Custom Columns

Adding new column is also declarative. Here an example of a column named balance-bins grouping records according their balance buckets.

{:balance-bins [:bucket :balance 0 1000 10000]}