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Find file Copy path
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** maxs94
** check if environment is setup correctly
** note: must be executed from index.php
$root_dir = dirname(__FILE__);
if (!file_exists($yii)) die("(index.php) ERROR: Yii Framework not found at " . $yii);
if (!file_exists($config)) die("(index.php) ERROR: main config file not found");
if (!file_exists($root_dir . "/protected/config/console.php")) die("(/protected/config/console.php) ERROR: config file not found.");
if (!is_writable($root_dir)) die("(root Directory) ERROR: Directory is not writeable. Cannot continue.");
if (!is_dir(dirname(__FILE__).'/assets')) {
// create it
// more checks done after login in SiteController.php, method check_db()
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