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Jamf Pro Database Converter Script

This script helps with the conversion from MyISAM to InnoDB in a setup where a lot of Jamf Pro instances are hosted on one MySQL server.

It is based in the work of Ben Toms (macmule):


If you only have one DB, use the tool from Jamf: Jamf Pro Manual for converting your DBs

This script has been tested on

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Release 7.5 (Maipo)
  • MySQL Community Server (GPL), v5.7.23
  • Jamf Pro v10.7.1-t1536934276


  • To run this script you should have a .my.cnf file containing your MySQL credentials.

  • Check with your DB admin and/or Jamf support to optimise the correct settings for your environment:

    • innodb_buffer_pool_size
      75% to 80% of remaining server memory (total server memory minus other services memory)
    • innodb_file_per_table = 1
      Jamf reccomended "1" for our environment
    • innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0
      Default is 1
      0 or 2 provides better performance but with a potential risk of loosing up
      to 1 sec of transactions in case of power loss/crash
    • key_buffer_size
      Optimise for your environment, this is good start:
  • Define variables for your setup:

    • timestamp: The date format used to save your backup files
    • MySQLConfigFile: The path of your my.cnf (for RedHat this should be /etc/my.cnf)
    • BackupDestination: Where to save your Backups before the conversion starts.
  • Turn off all Tomcat services (on RedHat use systemctl stop tomcat).

  • Run the script on the MySQL server (you must be root).

  • Restart all Tomcat services and test your setup.