Demonstration of the JavaEE technology on a simple pinboard project.
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JavaEE Pinboard Demo

This project is a simple demo project to demonstrate the basic workflow of creating JavaEE applications using NetBeans IDE and GlassFish 4. It features a very simple pinboard which contains notes. Although there can be more than one pinboard, e.g. for different topics. See the data model and use case diagram for further information.

You can download the entire repo by just following this link:


Very simple: open the project using Netbeans and open the "required" EJB and WAR projects. More information on how to create the database configuration can be found in the file create-db-tutorial.pdf.

A login page is already created to ensure that only authenticated users can browse through the application. In order to get this mechanism working, one needs to uncomment the lines 44 to 64 in the web.xml file. In the GlassFish administration console (http://localhost:4848/) under Configuration > server-config > Security > Realms > file > Edit users one can modify the users list. You can also create an other realm and connect it by placing its name in line 46 in the web.xml.

Sources of information

Sources of information are listed bellow. Please be aware of the fact, that the following literature list is far away from being complete. So you should take a look into the first reference since it is a master piece of information.