A register machine simulator for the LOOP, WHILE and GOTO language
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Theia program icon Theia

Screenshot of the program.

The Theia download can be found here (with additional pieces of information) or directly downloaded here.

In my current theorectial computer science course we are talking about register machines. A register machine consists of registers x1 ... xk and executes statements which change the numerical values of this registers. They are "programmed" by the languages LOOP, WHILE and GOTO which have different features. Due to the fact that I really like designing programming languages and like dealing with parsers, lexers and acceptors I wrote a litte application which executes those programs.

The mandatory faculty example might look like (in the LOOP language):

x3 := x1 ;
x2 := 1 ;
loop x1 do
	x2 := x2 * x3 ;
	x3 := x3 - 1
x3 := 0

where register x1 contains the n to calculate the faculty for.

Starting from the source code Theia parses the text using a tokenizer and creates bytecode which can be executed by the TheiaVM.

This project was developed using Netbeans IDE 8.1 and can be opened directly in Netbeans by checking out this repo and going to File > Open Project ....

Important: Beware of the fact that Theia might contain errors. You are using Theia on your own risk. You can take a look at the bugs here.


  • Theia supports LOOP, WHILE and GOTO programs with "extensions for convenience" (the if statement and expression evaluation, e.g. x1 + 3 or 2 + 5)
  • Simple grammar (see bellow)
  • Nice GUI using the cute Nimbus LaF
  • Preview compiled bytecode (see screenshot)
  • Syntax highlighted editor
  • All numbers are natural numbers ranging from 0 to 2^31 = 2,147,483,648
  • Detailed syntax error messages
  • Uses only 13 instructions for the TheiaVM


The grammar for the languages LOOP, WHILE and GOTO is given hereinafter. The "entry point" for LOOP is loop_prog, for WHILE while_prog and for GOTO programs goto_prog.

loop_prog   ::= lstmt

while_prog  ::= wstmt

goto_prog   ::= (NUM ':' gstmt ';')* NUM ':' gstmt

lstmt       ::= lstmt ';' lstmt 
              | var ':=' expr 
              | 'loop' var 'do' lstmt 'end' 
              | 'if' cond 'then' lstmt 'else' lstmt 'end'

wstmt       ::= wstmt ';' wstmt 
              | var ':=' expr 
              | 'while' var '!=' NUM 'do' wstmt 'end' 
              | 'if' cond 'then' wstmt 'else' wstmt 'end'

gstmt       ::= var ':=' expr 
              | 'if' var '=' NUM 'goto' NUM
              | 'if' cond 'then' gstmt 'else' gstmt 'end'

expr        ::= VAR | NUM | expr ('+'|'-'|'*') expr

cond        ::= VAR | NUM | cond ('='|'<=') cond

VAR         ::= 'x' NUM
NUM         ::= [0-9]+

Bytecode instructions

The source file de.theia.vm.PrettyPrint contains all necessary information to infer the virtual machine instructions and arguments.


A downloadable (and the most recent) version of Theia can be found here (in dist/theia.jar).


License: creative commons 4.0, by-sa

This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.