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Mega-IQ UI

Mega-IQ Angular 8 application. Version 1.0-beta

Build Status


  • Multi-language UI for
  • Enabled Server-side rendering
  • Secure Firebase authentication
  • Bootstrap responsive design
  • Fortawesome, chart.js, owl-carousel, flipclock, infinite-scroll, ngx-share and more cool features.

Issues Tracking

We use GitHub Projects and Issues for tracking the issues and development tasks.

Contributors and sponsors

Thanks to the Mega-IQ team and everyone who was contributing to the development and support of Mega-IQ since 2008.

The Mega-IQ team:

Maksym Svistunov Aisangon Olga Svistunova

Further help

Visit our GitHub Sponsorship page if you would like to become a sponsor and support the

Production server

Local end-point URL:

Development server

No separate development environment right now.

Local development

To setup local development environment:

  • Set locale value in the file src/environments/app-locale.ts. Possible values: en, es, de, ru
  • Set the value of apiUrl and apiKey in the file src/environments/
  • (only for run without SSR) Set the value of apiUrl and apiKey in the file src/environments/environment.ts
  • Build app, for example, for English run npm run build:ssr:en
  • Run the SSR app npm run serve:ssr
  • Navigate to http://localhost:4000/.

Another option is to run without SSR ng serve and navigate to http://localhost:4200/

Build Angular application

Build application

  • For EN locale run npm run build:ssr:en
  • For RU locale run npm run build:ssr:ru
  • For ES locale run npm run build:ssr:es
  • For DE locale run npm run build:ssr:de

Dont' forget to change value of APP_LOCALE_ID and apiUrl before running a build to an appropriate locale value.

The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. The browser app directory is dist/browser and a server-side app directory is dist/server.

Dont' forget to change locale value in the file src/environments/app-locale.ts before running a build.

Use the --prod flag for a production build.

Running unit tests

Run ng test to execute the unit tests.

Running end-to-end tests

Run ng e2e to execute the end-to-end tests.

Requirements Document

MEGA-IQ 3.0. Requirements Document was initially published in October 2018.

Version Date Summary
0.1 22.10.2018 Draft
0.2 16.03.2019 Alpha release. Scope update
0.2.1 05.04.2019 Update according to current status
0.2.2 20.04.2019 Update page structure

The result of this doc is a list if tasks published in two projects Front-end UI and Back-end API.

Status Tasks Repository Summary
DONE 12/12 mega-iq-api Milestone 1. Enable Iq Website features
DONE 11/11 mega-iq-ui Milestone 1. Enable Iq Website features
progress 14/15 mega-iq-api Milestone 2. Mega-IQ 3.0 release
progress 30/36 mega-iq-ui Milestone 2. Mega-IQ 3.0 release
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