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  • Bugfix: @zapu's PR for incorrect looping semantics, things like CoffeeScript's for i in [10...3] by -1.
  • Bugfix: unbreak nested forloops with _positive not scoped properly, reported by @jfgorski

v108.0.8 (2015-08-27)

  • Bugfix: unbreak nested forloops, which confused _next() due to a scope problem

v108.0.7 (2015-08-01)

v108.0.6 (2015-07-11)

  • Introduce a new versioning system to satisfy new npm (v2.11.x):
    • If CoffeeScript was a.b.c, and we're at ICS patch d, then release under x.c.d, where x = (100*a+b).

v1.8.0-e (2015-06-11)

  • Close #146: deferral variable with same name as a parameter in outer scope; PR by @yjerem
  • Close #144: Safer quoting of function names in debugging code. PR by @sidthekidder
  • Don't allow jison >= 0.4.14, until we patch up to CS 1.9
  • Close #155: RequireJS without CoffeeScript global PR by @yjerem

v1.8.0-d (2015-03-01)

  • Fix autocb for fat arrow functions. Bug report and PR by @davidbau

v1.8.0-c (2014-12-7)

  • Another attempt to fix #139, this time it hopefully works

v1.8.0-b (2014-12-6)


  • Close #139


  • Merge with CS v1.8.0

v1.7.1-g (2014-09-19)


  • Close #127

v1.7.1-f (2014-06-11)


  • Allow .liticed and suffices for "literate" iced (via @bwin)
  • Close #123 -- allow debugger to work in a loop

v1.7.1-e (2014-06-04)


  • Fix a problem with registering modules as pointed out by @icflorescu

v1.7.1-d (2014-06-04)


  • Close #121: allow iced foo.iced from anywhere, even if you don't have iced-runtime installed globally or locally -- just make a run mode that looks for it internalls to the compiler/interpreter.


  • Try this: iced = require('iced-runtime'), as opposed to: iced = require('iced-runtime').iced;. This puts the runtime and the library features at the same level. This is more natural I think...

v1.7.1-c (2014-06-03)


  • Factor out runtime, which is now available via iced-runtime
  • Build the browser package via browserify, not via ad-hoc mechanism
  • Build both coffee-script.js and coffee-script-min.js, now renamed to iced-coffee-script-#{VERSION}.js and iced-coffee-script-#{VERSION}-min.js
  • Remove other build packages, since now the main library is sucked in with browserify.


  • Danger ahead! There's a chance that this release is going to break existing software, but it's worth it for the long-haul. Factoring out the runtime means software built with iced has way fewer dependencies.
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