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How to Keep IcedCoffeeScript Up-to-Date with Mainline CoffeeScript


Current Method: Fork/Merge

Here is the current system:

  1. Add a remote upstream repo to pull in the mainline changes:
git remote add upstream
  1. Pull from the upstream into our master branch; push to our own origin/master while we are at it.
git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git push origin master
  1. Make sure the local iced2 branch is up-to-date:
git checkout iced2
git pull origin iced2
  1. Then do the merge:
git merge master
  1. Then, once the rebase has succeeded: a. Update the version number of package.json a. Update the version number in src/

  2. Then build a million different times:

./bin/cake build
./bin/cake build:parser
./bin/cake build
./bin/cake build
./bin/cake build:browser
./bin/cake test
  1. You're good to push if it all looks good. First commit all the new changes post-rebase with:
git commit -a
  1. Then do a push to the iced2 branch.
git push origin iced2
  1. Make and push a new tag (supplying whatever your new version is):
git tag -a -m vbump 1.6.2c
git push --tags
  1. Finally, publish to npm. It's usually worth cloning out a fresh copy from github, and then running:
npm publish


The documentation system is totally separate. Here is the general idea:

  1. Make sure the iced branch is up-to-date:
git checkout iced2
git pull origin iced2
  1. Checkout and update the gh-pages branch:
git checkout gh-pages
git pull origin gh-pages
  1. Then do the merge:
git merge iced2
  1. This will destroy you with conflicts, but most of them can be worked through. Basically, you want to call theirs, as below, on everything but the documentation/index.html.erb file.

  2. Edit documentation/index.html.erb by hand, changing the current version number to whatever it is nowadays.

  3. Rebuild the documentation like index.html and the embedded examples.

rake doc
  1. Run docco on the source files:
icake doc:source
  1. Commit everything:
git commit -a
  1. And push
git push origin gh-pages
  1. Test that the run button still works on the front page, and that the sandbox is still operational.

To Accept Their Changes

I wrote a little shell script called theirs:


git checkout --theirs $*
git add $* 

I run this on any autogenerated file that has a conflict. For instance, those files in lib/coffee-script/ or documentation/js. For conflicts in package.json, Cakefile or src/, you probably need to do a hand-merge.

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