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1. Test that the `run` button still works on the front page, and that the
sandbox is still operational.
-## How Do I Build Docs for the first time on a machine?
-You are **fucked**! But here is an attempt to guide you:
-1. First of all, there's the original reference from CoffeeScript, which isn't great, but it's worth a look. Find it [here](
-1. Boiling it down, here's how I just did it on *Linux*. Note that due to
-ruby, it's going to be a bit different on MacOS X:
-npm install -g docco # jashkenas write docco as a node module, this is easy enough
-sudo apt-get install libonig2 # the ruby stuff needs this as an external lib dependency
-sudo gem install ultraviolet # this installs some dependencies, etc
-icake build:ultraviolet # this is likely to fail due to hardcoded paths and hacks
-rake doc # give it a shot, and now you're back to where we were above
-There are several hard parts about dealing with this setup. The first is
-generating the appropriate `coffeescript.yaml` file from Jeremy's TexMate
-bundle. That's failed on me before and plus we want to make a bunch of ICS
-additions for `await` and `defer`. What I have in the `Cakefile` is my best
-attempt to automate it, but it's likely to break.
-The bigger problem is figuring out where to dump `coffeescript.yaml` (or
-better yet the `ics.yaml` that I make from it) when it's ready to go. This
-moves around depending on the latest shenanigans in the `ultraviolet` library.
-The hardcoded paths in the `Cakefile` is what worked on 8 Sep 2013, but who
-knows for the future. The upshot is that these syntax files now reside in the
-`textpow` library and not the `ultraviolet` library as they used to. And they
-have new names --- `source.coffeescript.syntax`, for example. Good luck!
#### To Accept Their Changes
I wrote a little shell script called `theirs`:

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