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sudo bin/cake install
Or, if you have the Node Package Manager installed:
- npm install -g coffee-script
+ npm install -g iced-coffee-script
(Leave off the -g if you don't wish to install globally.)
Execute a script:
- coffee /path/to/
+ iced /path/to/
Compile a script:
- coffee -c /path/to/
+ iced -c /path/to/
For documentation, usage, and examples, see:
To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion:
- If you'd like to chat, drop by #coffeescript on Freenode IRC,
- or on
+ DM or tweet at me with questions: @maxtaco
+ Or better yet, tweet about how much you love IcedCoffeeScript.
The source repository:
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ git checkout iced
git pull origin iced
-1. Then do the rebase (which will fail all sorts of ways, see below...):
+1. Then do the rebase (which will fail in all sorts of ways, see below...):
git rebase master

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