A node.js templating language with arbitrary nesting
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Yet another node.js templating system.

It differs from all others we've seen because it offer arbitrary nesting of code and HTML output.

Tutorial and Code Examples

By default, input is in HTML mode, in which all input data is passed through as output data, with the exception of expressions of the form %{foo}, which are first evaluated by JavaScript, and then output:

<b>Name</b>: %{name}<br/>
<b>Passion</b>: %{passion}<br/>

However you can switch from HTML mode into JavaScript mode, with the {% .. %} environment. Inside a JavaScript environment, use normal JavaScript, and also the function print to output HTML:

<b>Name</b>: %{name}<br/>
{% if (pet) { print ("<b>Pet</b>: ", pet); } 
   else     { print ("<i>no pets</i>"); } %}</br>
<b>Passion</b>: %{passion}<br/>

You can also switch back to HTML mode from within JavaScript mode, with any block of the form {{..}}. An equivalent way to write the above is:

<b>Name</b>: %{name}<br/>
{% if (pet) {{<b>Pet</b>: %{pet} }}
   else     {{<i>No pets!</i>}} %}</br>
<b>Passion</b>: %{passion}<br/>

And as advertised, you are free to go as deeply nested as you please:

<b>Name</b>: %{name}<br/>
{% if (pet) {{
    {% if (pet.type == "dog") {{
           Goes woof! (and is
           {% if (pet.sex == "M") {{neutered}}
              else                {{spayed}}
           so doesn't reproduce)
       }} else if (pet.type == "cat") {{
            Goes meow!
}} else {{<i>no pet!</i>}} %}

We've also taken the liberty of adding a bona fide foreach to JavaScript, for simplified iteration:

   foreach (var row in rows) {{
           foreach (var col in row) {{


To install:

npm install -g pubjs

To use in express:

// Regigster the handler...
app.register ('.pjs', require ('pubjs'));

// Then invoke it as needs be...
app.get('/', function(req, res){
  res.render('index.pjs', {
    title: 'Express'


  • regtest suite
  • documentation (flesh out this file)