A pure CoffeeScript implementation of Msgpack
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A pure CoffeeScript implementation of Msgpack.

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npm install purepack

Where To Use it

Tested and works with browserify, so it's useful for packing and unpacking structures on the browser-side. It also works server-side in node processes. In either case, it finds the fastest buffer objects at its disposal to give you the best performance possible.



Pack an object obj. Return a Buffer object.


Options currently supported, off by default:

  • floats — Use floats rather than doubles when encoding. Useful when saving space
  • sort_keys - Sort the keys of maps on outputs, so that purepack output can be compared in hashes.
  • ext - An 'extensible-type' function.
  • no_str8 - Don't use 8-bit string encodings, to maintain compatibility with older msgpacks.


Unpack a packed Buffer buf. Throws errors if there were underruns, or bad encodings.


Currently support options are:

  • ext - An extensible-type function that given a [type,buf] tuple, returns an object. Can throw an error if needs be.
  • no_ext - If no ext option is given, we plug in a default, stupid-ish ext function. Supply this flag if you don't want that.


make setup


make setup
make test

Testing will run a series of scripts on your machine using node. It also will ask you to visit a URL with whichever browsers you please to test purepack use via browserify and with your browser's buffer objects.