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@@ -479,9 +479,17 @@ <h3>
Can I use your C++ version of Tame?
<p class="answer">
- <a href="">Yes</a>, but unlike TameJs, it requires committing to certain other libraries you might not want
- (<a href="">sfslite</a>, libasync). TameJs is designed for general use.
+ Yes! It comes bundled as part of <a href="">sfslite</a>
+ <p class="question">
+ Does Tame work with CoffeeScript?
+ </p>
+ <p class="answer">
+ Yes! Please see our new project
+ <a href="">IcedCoffeeScript</a>
+ </p>
<p class="question">
What's wrong with a control-flow library? You know, say Step? Or Seq?

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