Tools and documentation for creating custom RB4 DLC on PS4
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About This Repository

I am keeping track of my research into RB4 customs here.

I am working out the structure of the files in Rock Band 4. These are being documented in the form of 010 Editor Template files, which are in the 010 directory.

Latest Build

Can be downloaded at Appveyor


This is a library I'm working on that handles reading, writing, and converting for formats in the Forge engine used by Rock Band 4 and Rock Band VR.

It is licensed under the GNU LGPLv3 and includes two frontends at the moment:


This is a command line tool that does file conversions.

Usage: ForgeTool.exe <verb> [options]
    - Prints the version number and exits
  rbmid2mid <input.rbmid> <output.mid>
   - converts a Forge midi to a Standard Midi File
  reprocess <input.rbmid> <output.rbmid>
   - converts a Forge midi to a Forge midi
  mid2rbmid <input.mid> <output.rbmid>
   - converts a Standard Midi File to a Forge midi
  tex2png <input.png/bmp_pc/ps4> <output.png>
   - converts a Forge texture to PNG
  mesh2obj <input.fbx...> <output.obj>
   - converts a Forge mesh to OBJ
  con2gp4 <input_con> <output_dir>
   - converts a CON custom to a .gp4 project in the given output directory
  con2pkg <path_to_pub_cmd.exe> <input_con> <output_dir>
   - converts a CON custom to a PS4 PKG custom in the given output directory
  milo2lipsync <input.milo_xbox> <output.lipsync>
   - converts an uncompressed milo archive to forge lipsync file


This has an ark/PFS/folder browser with support for previewing the following:

  • Textures (.png_pc, .png_ps4, .bmp_pc, .bmp_ps4, etc)
  • Models (not a 3d preview, but you can see the vertices / UVs / faces)
  • .songdta files
  • Data (.dta/.dtb/.*_dta_*/.moggsong) files
  • RBmid files
  • RBsong files