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This is the code for an interactive art installation conceptualized and built in 48 hours for St. Louis's Art Hack Day: Eclipse event. The installation used a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG-reading headset, which was connected to my laptop via bluetooth, which ran this code and then used a projector to display an image on the wall. The idea was for the art piece to serve as a sort of impressionistic visualizer of one's mental activity, specifically how calm and/or focused the person using the headset was.

Click here for a demo version of the installation with simple UI sliders that simulate the EEG parameters. In this way you can experience the piece without a headset.

To use the program with the headset, download the ThinkGearConnector program, which is bundled in the developer tools on NeuroSky's website. I used a Mac, no idea if it will work on Windows the same way or not. Use ThinkGearConnector to begin broadcasting the EEG data from the headset.

Install the required npm module node-thinkgear-sockets, then run nodescript.js. Now in order to run the code for the visualizer in your browser, you have to find a way to enable cross-origin resource sharing, so that the web page can access the information from the node server. This will probably require downloading a browser extension, for Google Chrome I used one called "Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: *".

Now you are good to go, open up index.html in your browser, and it should all be working.

Obviously if you reuse or share an aspect of this project somewhere, please give proper credit and a link my way, thanks.


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