Use the Novation Launchpad to play Tetris
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Plug your Novation Launchpad and PLAY!

Single page app using the WebMIDI API to use the Novation Launchpad as a screen for a Tetris.

Demo of Tetrispad


  • , , : Move the current block
  • a, s: Rotate the current block
  • spacebar: Pause the game

Code structure

The approach is quite classic, it's OOP.

  • Controller class simulate the controller. It listens events from the keyboard to format and dispatch events to who needs it.
  • Launchpad class wait for the Launchpad to be available on the MIDI API and allow to send/receive messages.
  • Grid class is a wrapper to manages the LEDs of the Launchpad. The point of it is to facilitate the LEDs controls and reduce the amount of the messages to send the Launchpad.
  • Game class contain the entire Tetris game logic.


Any crazy ideas are welcome (as long as your help :)

Please don't ask to setup a Webpack+Babel+WhatsoEver.. The Midi API is only accessible on modern browsers and these ones should be ES6 ready: feel again this pleasure to work on a repo without build system, it's so niiiice :)